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About Laniakea Labs

About Laniakea Labs

Laniakea Labs Ltd advises governments and enterprises on a data science, AI and security. Our bleeding edge concepts ensure that we deliver impact maximizing and integrated technologies and solutions that always support your overall goals and plans. We take a holistic approach and develop and implement end-to-end or building blocks solutions. This could start with developing corporate or governmental data strategies, organizational set-ups, and skills development to the prioritization and productionised implementation of technologies and product.
Our passion and love for what we do enable us to constantly reimagine what is possible. Our visionary and impact focused mindsets are combined with years of experience in delivering industry and government changing results.
Whether it’s predicting consumer behavior and satisfaction, citizen science and safety, customer targeting and retention, fraud prevention, and detection, we deliver state-of-the-art data science products and solutions to drive the AI movement. We help to identify patterns and trends, make predictions or optimize and turn data into powerful intelligence to ensure our customers can act or interact ahead of the time.

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Email: info@stuler.co.uk